ShutterSmart is the largest shutter manufacturer and fabricator in the United States. We can help you grow your window covering business and increase your profits by giving you the most competitive shutter products and services to dominate their markets.
When looking for a shutter supplier, you want to find ways to save money, grow your sales and reduce your lead times, but it is also important that you work with a company that is reliable and can do what they say.

A Fresh Approach

At ShutterSMART we take a different approach than other companies do. We offer a full line of unique shutter products and a fast 5-day* delivery time to help you separate yourself from your competitors and grow your business. Because we manufacture our shutters in the US and sell direct to you, we can deliver high quality shutters at low prices that are competitive with imports. Our broad selection of distinct products, from our award-winning Polyclad Hardwood Shutters to our Premier stained wood shutters, lets you decide which unique product and service combination sets you apart from your local competition.

With over 25 years of experience servicing dealers, we stand by every job we sell with fast local service. In the end, our goal is to help you grow your business and make more profits.


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If you are a fabricator or want to fabricate shutters, we have simplified shutter fabrication with our NEW Turnkey fabrication program! Now you can fabricate our nationally acclaimed Polyclad Hardwood shutter and increase your profits up to 69% on every sale in the most competitive markets. The new program offers Polyclad Hardwood profiles that are shipped to fabricators ready for cutting and assembly. Assembly is easy and there is absolutely no painting. Here are some of the key reasons why you should consider fabricating Shutters.

  • Shutters are the fastest growing and most profitable category in the window covering industry today.
  • Fabrication can increase your shutter profits by 69% even in the most competitive markets.
  • You can realistically offer 2 week install dates as a fabricator of the Polyclad Hardwood shutter.
  • You will be in full control of your production and the quality of your product enabling you to service your customers better than any of your competitors.
  • Low startup costs that give you a 3 month return on your investment without affecting your current profit margins.

Fabrication Territory exclusives.

By fabricating ShutterSMART you can own the competitive edge in your market.


ShutterSMART’s line of products are the shutters of choice for hospitality and commercial projects in which energy efficiency, sustainability, durability, enhanced privacy, enhanced light control and environmental responsibility are important criteria. Offering the smallest environmental footprint of any shutter on the market, these elegant shutters are ideal for hotels, hospitals, restaurants and commercial applications.

The Professional’s Choice

Features our Polyclad Hardwood Shutter built with a sturdy solid wood core and a low-maintenance/fire-resistant Polyclad surface. ShutterSMART Polyclad Shutter is the most durable shutter you will find. In addition, these “green” shutters:

  • Are virtually maintenance-free and moisture resistant.
  • Are code compliant with Title 19 fire rating certification
  • Offer measureable increase in energy efficiency up to 30% better than traditional wood shutters
  • Will not fade, peel, chip, crack, warp or require replacing or repainting
  • Built of a solid and sturdy wood construction with our Twist Lock™ tilt rod hooks engineered to withstand the demands of hospitality use.
  • Are available in a wide variety options and features including specialty shapes and panel configurations.
  • Are fully recyclable and completely free of paint, VOCs and formaldehyde


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