Designed For You

Skyline Views

Enjoy unobstructed views with our Hidden Tilt technology

Easy to Clean

Enjoy the look and feel of real wood without the maintenance with our WoodTex Finish

Save on Energy

Did you know shutters can reduce your energy bill by 30%? Now you do! Our Thermocore technology acts as a natural insulator, letting your thermostat take a few days off

“I am truly impressed with ShutterSmart and the proof is in the result”

-David C.

Built For A Lifetime

Quality in Details

We pride ourselves on taking things one step further with our Triple Dowel joinery method, used only in high-quality furniture

Weather Friendly

Our shutters protect against UV & moisture with our Titanium Dioxide Coating protecting from fade & mold for years to come

Designed for Life

We’ve seen it all and learned that industry standard staples simply won’t do
Instead, we use our Twist Lock technology – No matter how hard you tug, they can’t come apart

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Our shutters are designed to last. Any problems and we'll make it right with our limited lifetime warranty