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Miramonte painted wood shutters are custom made with traditional wood craftmanship boasting timeless elegance.

The hardwood is hand selected and run through a kiln drying process. Each shutter is then custom built, hand sanded, and painted using our 4 coat baked in finish. Each wood panel is prepped with 2 coats of primer and sealed with 2 coats of finishing paint. the baking process gives off a high quality finish and is sealed durably for years to come.

All shutter dimensions are custom made to your window.






4 Coat Baked in Paint

Window Type

Sliding Door
French Door
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Delivery Time

3 Weeks

Earth Friendly Paint
Value for Money
Built To Last
UV Protection
Quality Craftsmanship

“We keep getting compliments on our beautiful wood shutters”

-Sydney J.

Quality in Details

We pride ourselves on taking things one step further with our Triple Dowel joinery method, used only in high-quality furniture

Value for Money

Real wood doesn’t need to be expensive. Increase the value of your home with quality and affordable wood shutters

Designed To Last

Each shutter is built with hardwood that is kiln dried. Then the surface is primed twice over and finished with 2 baked in coats of paint, ensuring that the shutters will last for years to come.

Your Questions Answered

Great question! All our paints are water based. We do not use laquers that emit harmful VOCs into the environment.
Our North American manufacturing facilities allow us to minimize shipping costs delivering quality wood shutters for less.
The signature mark of our high quality wood shutters starts in our wood preparation and paint finishing process. The added care of traditional handcrafted techniques is an incomparable sign of quality shutters.

“I never thought I could afford real wood shutters until ShutterSmart”

-Lauren S.

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Our shutters are designed to last. Any problems and we'll make it right with our limited lifetime warranty