Choosing your Shutter Manufacturer

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When you’re purchasing shutters, it’s important to make sure that you can count on the manufacturer to stand behind their product even after the dealer or contractor who sold you the product is long gone. All manufacturers do not build the same shutters. The quality of the shutters has a significant impact on how well your shutters will operate and how long they will last in your windows. In addition, how well your dealer services you is based on how well the manufacturer can service your dealer. To make your shopping experience simpler, consider and look for these 5 important criteria in the manufacturer building your shutters:

  • Longevity: The manufacturer should be a large, established company that has been building shutters for at least 10 years. If they haven’t been around this long, you can’t trust their warranty, as they have no track record or experience. In addition, the more years they’ve been building shutters, the greater their expertise and reliability with construction, surfaces, finishes and overall smooth operation and performance of your shutters.
  • Location: Is the manufacturer located in the US or overseas? If they are overseas, how will they be able to provide service to you when you need them? As a rule of thumb, it’s easier to work with manufacturers located in the US when it comes to customer service or warranty issues.
  • Website: The manufacturer should have a website describing who they are, what they do and how they will take care of you and their products.
  • Samples: Take a close look at the quality of the manufacturer’s product samples. Look for the construction and finishing techniques used by the manufacturer. The more open and detailed the information they provide, the more they know what they are doing and the more reliable.
  • Accessibility: The manufacturer should have a toll‐free consumer number that you can just pick up and call when you need them.

If you find a manufacturer that meets the above 5 criteria, then the odds are pretty high that you will not have problems with the shutters you buy.

What’s New in Shutters?

ShutterSMART Aims to Keep Millions of Pounds of Harmful Substances out of the Environment
Few people realize it, but traditional shutters are awful for the environment. Building painted wood shutters causes millions of pounds of harmful substances to be released into the environment each year, including solid waste and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

ShutterSMART is proud to be leading the shutter industry’s “Green” initiative with our award‐winning Polyclad Hardwood Shutters – a superior, “green” alternative. These beautiful and durable shutters provide the smallest environmental footprint of any shutter available. They have the warmth and feel of traditional wood shutters, use no paint or formaldehyde, and won’t out‐gas, fade, chip, peel, crack or require repainting or replacing.

Install Shutters and Save on Your Monthly Heating and Cooling Bills

Installing shutters is one of the best ways to conserve energy. And ShutterSMART’s Polyclad Hardwood Shutters do such a superior job of insulating your windows that they meet government “energy efficiency” standards! Enjoy

New Allview Track Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors: The Elegance of Shutters Made Affordable

What do you do when you want the elegance of shutters for your sliding glass doors but think that all you can afford are blinds? You order the new Allview Track Shutter! This unique Track Shutter system is the perfect combination of beauty, function and value. Allview gives you light control, adjustability, clear unobstructed views and a high score on insulation and energy efficiency. Priced at 30% less than our other Shutters for sliding glass doors, Allview Track Shutters are the ideal window covering to cover your sliding glass doors and stay within budget.

Faster Delivery

While imported shutters take about 8 weeks to arrive, ShutterSMART’s Poly Shutters are built in just 5 days and shipped out on our weekly trucks. You could wait 8 weeks but why? Get superior quality shutters that are made in the USA and installed in 2 weeks or less. Plus, professional installation is always included when you buy ShutterSMART products from our dealer network.

Polyclad Hardwood Shutters available in 36” Panels and Specialty Shapes

ShutterSMART’s Polyclad Hardwood Shutters are now available in 36” wide panels, to provide greater versatility in working with today’s larger windows. With a hardwood construction and aluminum reinforced louvers, only ShutterSMART can deliver wide panels that won’t warp or twist in your windows. Also available in a full range of specialty shapes, including arch top panels, sunbursts, circle bursts, oval bursts, eyebrows, quarter bursts and more.

Energy Efficiency

You may not know but shutters can save you a lot of energy at your windows. Instead of replacing your windows, you can have an energy efficient home for a lot less money by covering your windows with beautiful shutters.

ShutterSmart is one of the largest US shutter manufacturers building shutters right here in the USA with innovative features that can give you big energy savings.

You can save valuable energy resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by adding the timeless beauty of shutters to your windows.

Shutters are energy efficient window coverings and ShutterSmart has always promoted and embraced this reality about all shutters. But ShutterSmart decided to take energy efficiency to a new level. Our ShutterSmart EnergyGuard Shutter Insulation System has ratings so high it passes federal energy efficiency standards.

And the benefits are real: if ShutterSmart EnergyGuard Shutters were installed in every home in north America, we could potentially reduce our energy consumption by 270 million barrels of oil annually. Stated in simpler terms, that is the same as getting 22% more mileage for every US passenger car on the road today.

Things To Consider

When it comes to choosing window coverings, too many choices can make the process seem impossible and quite challenging. What window covering is right for my home? What about my view?…my privacy? It’s easy to get overwhelmed. So here is a list of Things to Consider to help you make sense out of the whole thing.

Window coverings are a great way to make a big impact on the beauty of your home. While there are many styles of window coverings available including blinds, shades, and drapes, one of the most popular and timeless window coverings is shutters. Shutters will enhance the beauty of your home and elegantly sculpture light, giving you the best combination of style and function.

Privacy & Light Control

Light has a major impact on the look and mood created in a room. Window coverings such as shutters and blinds give you great light control because the louvers can be opened or closed to varying degrees. With shutters you can make minute or grand changes in the amount of light and privacy you allow into your home.


Window coverings such as shades and drapes typically need to be either open or closed. This doesn’t allow you the flexibility of viewing the world outside your windows while the window treatments are closed. Shutters and Blinds allow louver control giving you a full open view, a partial view or complete closure. For clear and unobstructed views, shutters are available in larger louver sizes and hidden tilters.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another important factor to consider in reducing heat and noise coming into your home. Many window coverings not only provide insulation, which saves money on your energy bill, but also serve as a sound barrier from the outside world. The proper window treatments will save you a considerable amount of money keeping in the heat during winters or allowing your room to stay cooler in the summer. Shutters are the best insulating window coverings you can find today with the highest R values of all window coverings.


Window covering color is an important design factor. The light coming into your living space speaks in clear tones, making whites very popular. Light colors provide a sense of calm and create the feeling of height in a room. Varying tones of white‐on‐white are popular for today’s approach to decorating as they allow for other room furnishings to be the focal points. Sometimes, however, you may want a rich stain wood tone to add a strong punch to a room.

Construction Quality

Ask about the construction details of a product, and it will quickly be clear whether a window covering will operate well in your windows over time. Look at materials used, quality of components and durability of construction.


Review the warranty to see how it handles important items like the operation and finish of the product, and how long the finish is expected to last. Many fabric‐based or wood based products may fade quickly, even without direct sun, so check for color‐fastness in the warranty. Our Poly shutters come with a lifetime warranty on the finish.


Finally, you will need to pick a product that is priced within your budget. At ShutterSMART, we’ve worked hard to give you a variety of choices to suit your budget combining the absolute best prices and quality in each one of our shutter product categories. Your final pricing, available from one of our authorized ShutterSMART dealers, will depend on the size of your windows, product selected, and custom options. The easiest way to find an authorized ShutterSMART dealer near you is to click Find a Dealer option at the top of any page.

SS Goes Green

Why Should I Care If a Shutter is “Green”?
Few people realize it, but traditional wood and MDF (medium density fiberboard) shutters are an environmental disaster. Each year about three million shutters are sold in North America. And each year the materials and manufacturing methods used to make these three million shutters results in up to nine million pounds of hazardous materials going straight into our environment!

ShutterSMART is working hard to be part of the solution, and we invite you to join us. What we do at home really does matter to the environment. The choices each of us make can and do have an impact on our planet – and our families’ health. Choosing Green is an easy lifestyle decision when we select products that are environmentally friendly. Simple choices in products can add up quickly to make a huge impact in the world around us.

ShutterSMART’s Polyclad Hardwood Shutters are a superior, environmentally‐friendly product that actually costs less. These shutters won’t out‐gas, fade, chip, peel, crack or require repainting or replacing. They are:

  • Paint‐free
  • Formaldehyde‐free
  • VOC‐free
  • Made in the USA (eliminating the need for trans‐Pacific shipping)
  • Recyclable
  • Energy efficient

Our Services Our Promise

Enjoy The ShutterSmart Dealer Experience With The Very Best In Service

At ShutterSmart, we believe that superior products must be matched with knowledgeable dealers. Each of our dealers have samples of our complete collection of shutters so you can see and feel what you’re getting before you purchase. Our Dealers are trained to expertly answer questions and ensure your custom order is configured to your exact specifications.

Each of our shutters are custom made just for you right here in our US facilities. To make sure that your experience of shopping for and living with your Shutters is the very best it can be, we sell our shutters through our national network of professionally trained dealers. With our factory direct authorized dealers you can be assured that your shutters will be measured right, designed right and installed right.

Free In Home Consultation

Our trained dealers will come to your home with product samples and discuss the choices and options available to give your windows a beautiful new look. They will custom measure, custom design and price your choice of window coverings. For a FREE in home consultation with our authorized dealer in your area click here.


Our dealers are trained to install our products in your home following our factory guidelines. Our popular poly shutters are manufactured in 5 days and can be installed in as little as 10 days. Lead times are estimates and vary for each of our products, so please review specific product information and your local dealer for manufacturing lead times and install dates.

100% Satisfaction

The ShutterSmart LifeTime Guarantee signifies our desire to provide a thoroughly satisfying experience when choosing, purchasing and living with our products. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact ShutterSmart at 1‐800‐737‐ 4569 or contact us by email. And we back our Guarantee of your satisfaction with our Lifetime Limited Warranty.


ShutterSmart offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty on all our products covering materials and workmanship. For more details and a complete copy of our Lifetime limited warranty, please download our Lifetime Warranty PDF File.

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